Institute of Political Science

Welcome tothe section of Institutes at the University of Central Europe in Skalica (UCEU in Skalica).

Main tasks of the institutes:

  • Coordinating the operation of the institutes;
  • Being responsible for fulfilling the educational tasks of institutes, coordinating the involvement of academic staff of the institutes in the instruction;
  • Being responsible for the creation of class schedules;
  • Coordinating the realisation of state final exams;
  • The institutes ensure professional lectures of important figures from the public and private sector for students as part of studies;
  • Cooperating with other departments of UCEU in Skalica, such as the International Office, ERASMUS coordinators, language department, vide-rectors etc.;
  • Developing educational, pedagogical, science and research activity at UCEU in Skalica;

Institute of Political Science (IPS)

As a pedagogical, science, and research institute of UCEU in Skalica, it was established in 2006.

Its scientific and research activity focuses on examining political, historical, legal, social, economic and security aspects of international relations in global, Euro-Atlantic and regional Central European region emphasising the position of the Slovak Republic, European Union and realisation of its interests. Knowledge of scientific research is applied when ensuring the instruction of classes in the accredited study programmes of the study field 3.1.5. International Relations.

IPS faculty staff has multi-disciplinary background, mainly in international relations, political science, history, law, diplomacy and economy. Internal as well as external staff of the Institute of Political Sciencehas extensive experience from studies, work and research stays at prestigious scientific, university institutes and international organisations abroad.

For more information please contact us:

Mgr. Jozef Vlčej, PhD.
phone: +421 34 69 652 27

Mgr. Jana Gondeková
phone: +421 34 696 52 20