D.A.F.E.E.S. Department

 Department of Agricultural, Food, Energy and Environmental Sciences

DAFEES Dept. was founded in 1996,  representiing the academic  branch of Istituto di Ricerca (Research Institute) Dr. Arioli from Turin (Italy). Both structures (DAFEES Dept. and Istituto di Ricerca / Research Institute) have been playing  jointly, since the foundation, in the worldwide context of the «Green Economy». DAFEES Dept. has recently been integrated inside SEVS University, in order to offer new kinds of curricula studiorum, updated and ready-to-go for the scenarios of the Third Millennium. DAFEES Dept.  is dedicated to PROVIDE STUDENTS WITH A SPECIAL «ONE-STOP-SHOP» for teaching, training, know-how-transfer and assistance to innovative start-ups.

The philosophy of this «ONE-STOP-SHOP»  consists of the availability of integrated study programmes for the areas of (i) agriculture,  (ii) food production and processing, (iiii) water management,  (iv) aquaponics technologies (soiless systems for fish & vegetables), (v) forestry and wood supply-chains,  (vi) renewable energies,  (vii) waste & water recycling and treatment (including plastic-free technologies for new bio-polymers),  (viii) drone technologies (monitoring, survey, detecting, security, delivery, spraying, etc.),  (ix) global climaticchanges and issues,  (x) quality assessment and certification,  (xi) copyrights, patents and assessment of intangible assets tools.

Every study programme at DAFEES  allows Students to obtain a whole integrated training, starting from basic elements (typical of bachelor programmes, for instance) till the final specialization in new emerging technologies «of the Third Millennium». The support of DAFEES Dept. to Students continuesaftergraduation and/or diploma(s). Students are supported  till the implementation of new innovative SMEs [Small and Medium Enterprises, start-up(s)].

Students can find in DAFEES programmes the usual academic path of SEVS University:  bachelors,  masters,  PhD programmes. Furthermore, DAFEES offersspecializedcourses (Certificates, Faculty Leds, Workshops) in order to reactpromptly and in real-time to any innovative topicsuggested by the evolutions on the market of the international Green Economy. Finally, DAFEES Dept.is deeplyinserted in international networks, including Scientific European Techno-Parks, where  publlic and private stakeholders are dedicated to R&D programmes, international tenders for EU funds, international partnerships between innovative start-ups and financial investors for win-win joint-ventures.