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Let's hit the slopes with the ISIC Card!

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The international student identification card ISIC is the only worldwide accepted document proving the status of a student in full-time form of studies at university.

Cards have been issued since 1953 by the international organisation ISTC (International Student Travel Confederation) under the auspices of UNESCO.

  • Student ID Card – serves for the identification purposes of students of relevant college or university;
  • International student ID Card ISIC – the only worldwide accepted ID card of students in full-time form of studies. It enables you to use the network of advantages and student discounts at home and abroad.
  • It contains a contact-free chip – it enables the use of further functions according to the need and possibilities of the individual university. The most often used applications are for example access to the building, access to libraries, application of boarding systems, application in local mass transport etc.

Current information about the manner of prolongation of the student ID card for the academic year 2014/2015

The card of a full-time student ISIC is currently valid only until 30 September 2014.

When enrolling in the higher year, prolonging, i.e. electronic and visual prolonging of the card's validity until 30 September 2015 is necessary.

Prolongation of the card’s validity shall be realised for the academic year 2014/2015 during enrolment and consequently at the Student Activities Department of UCEU in Skalica. Prolonging the card’s validity is possible only after the enrolment.

As of 1 October 2014, cards that have not been prolonged shall be blocked (in internal as well as external systems).

The prolongation of the card’s validity shall be possible only after paying the fee of EUR 10.

Fully use your university ISIC card and prolong the card’s validity with the ISIC 09/2015 stamp.
Without this stamp, you will not have a valid ISIC licence after 1 October 2014 and your card will be excluded from the international database of valid ISIC cards!

The world of discounts will close for you not only in the world, but also in Slovakia. After logging in on the website, you will get 60 special personalised vouchers for extra discounts.


1. Enrolling into a higher year or the first year of master’s studies at UCEU;

2. Paying the fee of EUR 10 at the economic department of UCEU or by a transfer to the UCEU account /the variable symbol is the birth registration number of the student/, a confirmation of the payment needs to be submitted to the Student Activities Department of UCEU.

3. You will get 09/2015 stamp on your ISIC Card.

4. An IT staff person will activate your card on a school terminal.

Pursuant to Section 67 (2) of the Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on Universities and on the Amendment and Supplements to Certain Acts, as amended, in line with the Regulation on the structure and technical realisation of the student card issued by the decision of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic CD-2004-3048/6280-1st office in cooperation with the CKM SYSTAssociation and the EMtest – SK company, the University of Central Europe in Skalica shall issue the UCEU student card.

Student card is a document confirming the legal status of students, entitling them to use the right and privileges of students resulting from laws, internal university regulations and agreements with other legal entities. This document shall also serve to prove the data entered on it.

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