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Scientific Horizon is a reviewed scientific journal that is published twice a year in printed and electronic versions. It focuses on the following areas of applied research:

• No. 1: Political and Economic Sciences
• No. 2: Ecology and Environmental Sciences

It publishes analytical studies from Slovak and foreign authors in Slovak, Czech and English language.

Editor in Chief
Dr.h.c. prof. Ing. Tatiana Varcholová, PhD., University of Central Europe in Skalica

Ing. Lenka Dubovická, PhD., University of Central Europe in Skalica

Editorial Board
doc. Ing. Jiri Blazek, MD., University of Central Europe in Skalica
prof. Dr. Mihály Dobróka, University of Miskolc, Hungary
doc. Dr.. Francis Jirasek, MD., International Institute of Economics and Law in Prague, Czech Republic
prof. Aleksandr Nesterov, MD., Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russia
doc. Dr.. Vladimir Gecelovský, PhD., University of Central Europe in Skalica
prof. Dr. Evgeny Kozhokin, University of Central Europe in Skalica
prof. Dr. Carlo Masala, University of Central Europe in Skalica
Dr. h.c. Ing. Heidy Schwarczová, PhD., University of Central Europe in Skalica
prof. Vladimir Štoľ, DSc., University of Central Europe in Skalica
prof. Gennadii Varlamov, MD., Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine
prof. Tomasz Wołowiec, PhD., University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin, Poland

Contact address
Scientific Horizon,
Kráľovská 386/11, 909 01 Skalica, Slovak Republic
tel.: +421 34 664 7061
fax: +421 34 664 7063

Registration number at the Ministry of Culture: EV 2796/08
ISSN 1337-9054
EAN 9771337905009

Instructions for authors

1 The topics and deadlines for individual issues for the year 2013

No. 1/2013: Political and Economic Sciences - deadline: 30 June 2013
No. 2/2013: Ecology and Environmental Sciences - deadline: 30 October 2013

2 Contribution

Authors may send contributions focused on the field of applied research which meet all the formal requirements of the scientific journal by email to
Submitted contributions are subject to review by independent experts who will be appointed by the Editorial Board.

3 Statement of granting the license

Prerequisite for publication in the magazine is by author(s) personally signed Statement on granting the license in which the author(s) provides (provide) the transferee (Central European University in Skalica) the right of no-charge publishing in printed and electronic version of the magazine and at the same time the author(s) declares (declare) that created contribution is his own independent creative activity and other people do not possess copyright on the contribution, the contribution is original and has not previously been publicly published (with the exception of contributions that have been previously published in scientific collections or in conference proceedings ).

4 Review

Reviewers are appointed by the members of the Editorial Board from among recognized experts in the relevant field of applied research.
Review must contain comments and notes report, a brief assessment of the contribution of article and final statement, which may be in one of the following forms:
• recommendation of publishing without comments
• recommendation to publish the contribution with comments which incorporation is at the discretion of the author
• recommendation to publish the work with comments, comments are required to be integrated into contribution (contribution is sent back to opponent for reconsideration)
•publishing is not recommended (contribution will not be published)
Editorial Board may regarding the review, in the case of doubt, determine another opponent. In this case, in order to publish the contribution it is required at least one positive review.
The result of the reviewing procedure is communicated to the author via email.  If the post is not accepted for publishing the editors are entitled to retain one copy.

5 Selection of contributions

The selection of contributions is a matter of choice of the Editorial Board. There is no legal entitlement that the contribution has to be published. Publication of an article in the magazine does not require any fee.

6 Manuscripts

a) Articles should be sent in electronic form to In the event that an article will be selected by the Editorial Board for reviewing we will inform you.
b) Manuscript must be created in one file of MS Word format according to Sample of a Cotribution.
c) Contributions not exceeding 15 pages shall be processed in accordance with the applicable rules of spelling or relevant language (Slovak, Czech or English language).
d) Contribution must be created so that it can be published in the form of black and white - therefore it is not allowed for example other than black font color, background color of tables, figures and graphs with colored background, color lines, color bordering  and colorful descriptions.
e) Contribution must contain author´s name, title, author’s contact e-mail address and name of the workplace.
f) Contribution must contain the following elements:
• Abstract (a brief description of the contribution)
• Key words (at least three keywords characterizing the focus of the contribution)
• Abstract (abstract also in Slovak or Czech language)
• Key words (key words also in Slovak or Czech language)
• Conclusion and References at the end of the contribution
g) Equations must be numbered and must be created in Microsoft Equation 3.0.
h) Variables must be written in italics.
i) Writing numbers as decimal shall use comma while thousands are separated by spaces.
j) Each table should be numbered, shall contain a title and if applicable reference of source of used data.
k) Each picture (graph, diagram) must be numbered, shall include a description and if applicable reference of source of used data.
l) Footnotes should be used only exceptionally and are used only in these cases:
•as introduction of the author stating his name, surname, title, e-mail address and name of the workplace
•as a description of the research project
• as additional notes further explaining the topic, but not literature reference

7 Bibliographic citations

Bibliographic citations must comply with ISO 690 and ISO 690-2.
Excerpts of ISO international regulations relating to bibliographic citations are available for instance here:


Statement on granting the license
Sample of an article

For more information please contact us:

Ľubica Rozborilová
phone: +421 34 664 43 01, +421 34 690 34 13