Guests from abroad


24 November
The Mayor of Skalica, Stanislav Chovanec, welcomed at the consular room of the town hall the Hon. Roman Valentinovič Kopin, Governor of Chukotka, an autonomous part of Russia, along with his wife. The guest signed in to the commemorative book of Skalica and after a short conversation with the mayor he completed his welcome with the head of UCEU, Dr. h.c. Ing. Heidy Schwarczova, PhD. The former president of the Slovak Republic, Rudolf Schuster, also took part in the welcoming.

5 November
Visit and presentation by J.E. Nicolaos D. Kanellos, Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic.

15 May
In connection with implementation of Envirofilm 2012, David Barna, Representative of the Director for Communication for the National Park Service agency in the USA, presented US national parks at the Sloboda (Freedom) cinema in Skalica. Viewers first watched a short 16-minute film about national parks in the USA, and then there was a presentation and lecture by David Barna.

20 April
At Skalica town hall there was a celebratory opening of the regional office of the European Public Law organisation with its head office in Skalica, at the UCEU building. Mayor of Skalica, Ing. Stanislav Chovanec, Director of the European Public Law organisation, prof. Spyridon Flogaitis and head of UCEU, Ing. Heidi Schwarczová, PhD., at the celebratory opening welcomed ambassadors of Greece, Cyprus, Georgia and Finland, the Consul of the Croatian embassy, and the former President of the Slovak Republic, J. E. Rudolf Schuster.
The regional office will be the only one in Slovakia.

12 April
Professor Natália Nekrassovová from Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia visited UCEU.
She captured the students' attention with the current topic of the lecture 'National and International Culture', and her presentation helped clarify the current topic.

27 March
A workshop took place under the auspices of J. E. Dr. h. c. Ing. Rudolf Schuster, PhD. J. E. Pavel Maratovič Kuznetzov, Russian ambassador to Slovakia, accepted the invitation to the workshop and gave a lecture on Russo-Slovak bilateral relations and potential. From the Truda academy in Moscow, the rector, prof. Kozokin, took part in the workshop, presenting the topic Russian foreign policy: priorities and institutions. At the end of the workshop, the Head of the Political Science Institution, PhDr. Mgr. Štefan Maceják, PhD., gave a presentation on the topic 'Relations between the European Union and Russia in the context of energy dependence'.
After every talk there was time for students to ask questions. They were interested particularly in the relations between Russia and the European Union, the USA, and also in the issue of Slovakia as a transit country regarding energy.

8 March
A presentation by J. E. Abdulrahman Bseis, Palestinian ambassador to Slovakia, on the Peace Process in the Middle East between activation and obstruction.


8 December 2011
J. E. Alexander Ben-Zvi, Israeli ambassador to Slovakia, honoured UCEU with his visit and presentation.

30 November 2011
Professor Vladimír Vladimirovič Štoľ from the Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian federation visited UCEU.

10 November
Visit by the Honorary Consul of Turkey in Slovakia, Štefan Melník.

13 May
The chairman of the international organisation EPLO - European Public Law Organisation, professor Spyridon Flogatis, Ambassador of Greece, Nicolaos D. Kanellos, Sotiris Trapes, the Head of UCEU, Ing. Heidi Schwarczová, PhD., and the Representative of the Head and Authorised Vice-Chancellor for International Relations at UCEU, JUDr. Ivo Hlaváček, PhD., all met at UCEU. The aim of the European Public Law Organisation EPLO is to create and spread knowledge about public law, including national law, comparison of European public law, human rights, environmental law and the assertion of European values via public law throughout the world. The main topic of discussion was cooperation of EPLO and UCEU. From September 2011, UCEU will become an official member of the international organisation.

10 May
The Honorary Consul of Holland in Slovakia, Matúš Murajda, visited UCEU. He had a discussion with the Head of UCEU, Ing. Heidi Schwarczová, PhD., proposing further ways to collaborate and he valued the quality of the education process.

6 April
The Extraordinary and Mandated Ambassador of Greece to Slovakia, J. E. Nicolaus D. Kanellos, visited UCEU. The topic of the lecture that he gave on academic ground was The Balkans and its European Perspective.

18 March
The Extraordinary and Mandated Ambassador of Belarus, J. E. Vladimir Michajlovič Serpikov, visited UCEU as part of his visit to Skalica. Accompanied by mentor of the ambassador of Belarus, Vladimír Čechlov, he became familiarised with the aim of the school and study programmes and looked at the new school premises.


6 November
A group of students from the Kazakh University of International Business in Almaty visited Skalica, and talked about their country to UCEU students. It was the first undertaking that took place in accordance with a signed agreement on cooperation between UCEU and the University of Business in Almaty. It expects an expansion in joint scientific undertakings and student exchanges.

14 September
A work meeting between UCEU management and the Vice-Chancellor of the Russian - Armenian (Slavonic) University in Yerevan, prof. Eduardo Sandojan. At the meeting a memorandum on cooperation between UCEU in Skalica and RASU in Yerevan was signed, and there were discussions about specific opportunities for cooperation between the universities.

8 April
UCEU was visited by management of the partner university Academia Rerum Civilium - University of Political and Social Science s.r.o., Kolín, from the Czech Republic. Head of UCEU, Dr. h.c. Ing. Heidy Schwarczová, PhD., and Vice-Chancellor for Education, doc. JUDr. Vlasta Kovalančíková welcomed the rector from the partner university in Kolín, doc. PhDr. Ján Liďák, CSc., and vice-chancellors prof. Dr. Josef Dolista, PhD., ThD., PhDr. Vladimír Srb and Mgr. Klára Zubíkova. At the joint meeting there were discussions about current and future cooperation between partner universities.


18 November
UCEU was visited by a delegation of students from the Academy of State and Social Construction under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan within the scope of a project called Prospects and New Technology for Preparing State Employees. The lead role of the delegation was taken on by the Director/Head and Rector of UCEU, Ing. Heidi Schwarczova, PhD. At the joint meeting the delegation by UCEU gave a lecture by doc. Mgr. Peter Juza, CSc., PhD., on the topic of Geopolitical standing of Slovakia and the need for modern preparation of government employees and a lecture by doc. M. Rachimova on the topic of Uzbekistan, new country, profile of new state official. At the end of the meeting there was a discussion with the students.

6 May
A series of lectures on Communication took place. The lecturer was prof. PhDr. Jaroslav Erneker, CSc., from the University of European and Regional studies, České Budějovice.
The first block was focused on the fundamentals of social communication. It was about the issue of verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as the significance of identification and utilisation of non-verbal signals.
The second part of the lecture was focused on communication with citizens and the public. The students received extensive information from the following areas: command of communication conflicts, signs of communication situations that could cause conflicts, overcoming and effective management of conflict communication, ability to inform and actively observe negotiation and convincing, fundamentals of assertive communication and how social communication takes place.


28 February
The Japanese professor, Koji Kobajashi, from Gifu University in Japan, honoured UCEU with his presence. He gave students a lecture called Diversified Landscape of Japan.

9 November
Dr. et Mgr. Lubomír Pána from the University of European and Regional studies from České Budějovice visited UCEU.

27 November
A delegation of pedagogy workers and students from the Uzbek Academy of state development and social development from Tashkent visited UCEU. Options for collaboration in student exchanges, mobility of pedagogy staff and joint scientific research activities were discussed with the delegation.

12 December
Prof. Robert Shipley from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada gave a lecture on Intercultural Understanding.

12 December
Prof. Robert Shipley from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada gave a lecture on Intercultural Understanding.

9 November
UCEU had negotiations with representatives of the University of European and Regional Studies from České Budejovice, with Dr. et Mgr. Lubomír Pán, on mutual cooperation between schools.

8 November
At UCEU there was a meeting of members of a delegation of the Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs of the Senate of the Czech Republic and Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs of the National Council of the Slovak Republic with the Rector of UCEU, prof. Ing. Ján Porvazník, CSc., and the Head and Founder of UCEU, Ing. Heidi Schwarczová, PhD.

7 November
UCEU was honoured to welcome J. E. Rodolphe M. Vallee, American ambassador to Slovakia, who became informed about the aims of the school and the study programmes that UCEU offers.